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Sat 29 Oct 2016

Haverhill and District RFC
Cottenham Renegades RFC

Match report Stolen from Cottenham.

It was a top-of-the table clash at Harverhill on their Presidents day . Renegades had a good strong team and were not going to give up their unbeaten record very easily.

The first five minutes saw good pressure by Gades keeping Haverhill in their 22 and with some neater passing in the backs and drawing a tackle we would have had a try through overlaps. Game ebbed and flowed between 22’s for next 10 minutes with both sides putting up good pressure and strong defences. After 18 minutes, Gades give a penalty 20 yards out more or less in front of posts and Haverhill convert 0-3.

From the restart, Gades put good pressure on Haverhill keeping them pinned in their 22. Gades go into a scrum and win ball two phases later out to backs into Tuckers hands and try , converted by Baz 7-3

After 28 minutes, Stockers got a yellow card for dissent although to be fair it was not him this time and referee got it completely wrong.

Gades soak up pressure from Haverhill with big hits from Tom powell and Elliot Roberts repelling the advancing Haverhill pack. 

Eventually, Haverhill got frustrated at not breaking Gades defence and start kicking. Tom Powell collects in 22 and makes good 40 yards before being brought down. Half time comes and remains 7- 3 to Gades

From the kickoff Gades put good pressure on Haverhill keeping them pinned in their 22. After five minutes the Haverhill 8 dislocated his knee and the gamed stopped for about 15minutes

The game got going again and after a further five minutes of Gades taking the game to Haverhill, Will on the wing cuts through the Haverhill defence making 35 yards before being brought down in their 22. Gades retain possession and recycle. A great shout by Baz to take ball the other direction out to Ben who scored and conversion by Baz 14-3

52 Mins from k/o, Gades penalised for holding onto ball in ruck and penalty 30 yards converted by Haverhill 14-6. The game continued at a fast pace with Haverhill getting a second wind and feeling confident but Gades defence was resolute and force Haverhill backwards. After 58 minutes, Gades give away another penalty in front of posts, 40 yards out but the kick missed.

The referee then kept penalising Gades for either holding on the ball in the tackle or playing it on the ground, having Haverhill camped in their 22 but tackling like warriors. After 64 minutes the Haverhill pressure was rewarded with a quick penalty out to their backs with their star 13 scoring near the right touch. The conversion never looked threatening, 14-11.

Gades applied pressure from the kickoff and win a penalty in front of the posts for holding on. Baz steps up for 40-yard conversion 17-11

The rest of the game continued with Gades holding firm in defence despite more decisions by the referee for (mostly imaginary) infringements, ensuring Gades stayed in their 22. At one point, Gades stole the ball and out to Baz who broke through two tackles, one man to beat and ball out to Will but pass was loose. With 10 minutes to go, Tom Wykes came off having suffered more than one clatter to the head and was replaced by JB. The defence remained strong and Gades held on to win 17-11