Pete Lester is arranging a tour for 2019, going to Germany for a Beach Rugby tournament. The tour is open to all members of the club, you must be paid up member of the club or sponsor.

It has been confirmed the event will take place in July, on the 2nd or 3rd weekend we are awaiting Bremerhaven city burghers to confirm which date.

The estimated cost is £300 per person for flights, accommodation,  transfers from Bremen to Bremerhaven. 

We have setup a payment option on the website to pay by Direct Debit, £100 in January and 3 payments of £65. You also have the option to pay the full amount on the website. You can find the link here   http://haverhillanddistrictrfc.rfu.club/products/59972.

If you wish to make a full payment using cash, then please speak with Pete Lester or Pay Danny at the bar and he will record it.


On Behalf of Pete Lester.

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